Honoring Those Who Gave The Most

Never Forgetting Our Fallen Heroes

Give back to those who gave it all

Wreaths for Fallen Heroes was founded to honor our U.S. Veterans each Holiday Season. During the month of December, our volunteers decorate the headstones at the Springfield National Cemetery with a wreath to honor their service and sacrifice. Many of our fallen heroes headstones go undecorated each year. It’s our mission to ensure that no hero is forgotten. 100% of all donations go directly to the cause.

What you can to do help

Please help us continue to show our appreciation to our many fallen heroes showing they are not forgotten. You may do so by making a donation in person, by mail, or stopping by any Bank of Missouri location and making a donation to the Itus Virtus Wreaths for Fallen Heroes program.

Donate A Wreath

Many veteran headstones go undecorated each year. Donate a wreath to a Veteran’s headstone at the Springfield National Cemetery this year. It’s a small token of appreciation for their comittment to protecting our freedom.

Volunteer Your Time

Soldiers from across the US are buried at the Springfield National Cemetery. Often times relatives live too far away to place wreaths themselves. Volunteers are always welcome to help us pay our respect to our fallen soldiers.

$100 Salute

With any cash or check donation of a $100 or greater, you will receive a thank you letter and tax donation letter if the donation is mailed to Itus Virtus. With your help, our goal is to have a wreath for every soldier.

Upcoming Events

Wreaths for Fallen Heroes

Wreaths for Fallen Heroes

Where: Springfield National Cemetery
1702 E Seminole St, Springfield, MO 65804

When: December 18, 2021 @ 11:00 AM

Thanks to the generous gift from the Cook Family Foundation, Itus Virtus will be placing wreaths at the Springfield National Cemetery! Come out and join us for this ceremony.  Come help set out wreaths for veterans from the Civil War, the Revolutionary War, World War I, World War II, the Spanish American War, and Buffalo Soldiers, as well as 5 Medal of Honor Award winners. Help us gives these heroes and their families a wreath for their headstone this holiday season.

Due to COVID and State, County, and Federal rules/guidelines, the event will take place in 2021. All funds raised in 2020 will be used for the 2021 event.

Questions? Give us a call at (417) 761-3977 or (601) 918-6160

Cook Family Foundation

The Cook Family Foundation gives to the givers of our community. Our mission is to provide greater leverage of resources to local charities and companies that are making a difference. We are a proud sponsor of the Itus Virtus Wreaths for Fallen Heroes program.

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